• 15 September 2015
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    Переделать предложение из прямой речи в косвенную
    1.a passenger asked: "which things are duty-free"?
    2.i said in french "where are we now"?
    3.an officer said:"who is thet man with a ginger moustache"?
    4.i said to my neighbour:"what does the box contain?"
    5.i said to my fellow traveller:" are we in french?"
    6.i said:"do you belong to strasbourg?"
    7.an officer said:"are you german?"
    8.then he said:"have you anything to declare?"
    9.i said:"is thet you bag?"
    10.theu said:"may we open it?"
    11.the guard(conductor) said :"will you be getting out in strasbourg?"

    • 15 September 2015
    • Ответ оставил: Kgra4ev2016

    1. A passenger asked which things were duty-free

    2. I asked in French where we were then

    3. An officer asekd who was that man with a ginger moustache

    4. I asked my neighbour what the box contained

    5. I asked my fellow traveller if we were in French (France?)

    6. I asked if they belonged to Strasbourg

    7, An officer asked if I was German

    8. Then he asked if I had anything to declare

    9. I asked if that was his bag

    10. Then he asked if he might open it

    11. The guard (conductor) asked if we would be getting out in Strasbourg

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