• 10 September 2015
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    Match the titles with these texts.
    a) The Steppes b) The Arctic North
    c) The Taiga d) The Subtropical Region
    1)-It is a severe tundra region. The subsoil1 there is nearly always frozen. The usual temperature in winter is minus 50°C though lower temperatures have been registered. Most of the land is nearly uninhabitable because of the length and severity of winters there.
    2)-It is the most extensive of Russia's natural zones and covers more than half of the country. It consists of open coniferous2 forests growing on swampy ground. In European Russia it gives way southward to a zone of mixed coniferous and deciduous3 forest that, however, dies out to the east with decreasing rainfall and severer winters.
    3)-This part of Russia is grass-covered and almost treeless. Winters are cold there but summers are hot and dry.
    4)-It stretches in a narrow coastal strip along the Black Sea. From the North it is sheltered by mountains. The water in the sea is warm enough to swim in seven months of the year. Vast tea, tobacco and citrus plantations have been developed in the region.

    • 10 September 2015
    • Ответ оставил: Genj5kaMaria

    1 - b;
    2 - c;
    3 - a;
    4 - d. 

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