• 10 September 2015
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    Завершить предложение, используя глагол в скобках в past simple или past progressive
    I saw you in mims new hat!
    (not wear; I \try it on)
    Helen? what shall you do?
    Sorry? (I\ not listen)
    Did you enjoy the footbal match?
    (we\ not play; it\rain)
    How are you after your swimming race?
    we\not swim; the wather\be cold)
    I phoned at 5? but there was no answer.
    I\ do shopping athe time)
    Whe did you tell your brother a lie?
    I\not: I\joke
    Did you win the race?
    we\not run; a thunderstorm\begin
    Why did you write your test so badly&
    I\ whisper the answer to John
    So, what did your mother say about your plan?
    I not tell her; she\be busy; she\tolk on the phone

    • 10 September 2015
    • Ответ оставил: Zhaniiaabdullaeva

    I didn't wear it. I was trying it on.
    I didn't listen.
    We didn't play. It was raining.
    We didn't swin. The weather was cold.
    I was doing shopping at the time.
    I didn't: I was joking
    We didn't run. A thunderstorm began
    I was whispering the answer to John
    I didn't tell her. She was busy. She was talking on the phone.

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