• 10 September 2015
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    Помогите пожалуйста...Срочно.
    Составьте сочинение по английскому на тему "кем я хочу стать?"

    • 10 September 2015
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    What I Want to
    My name is Olya. I’m 15 years old and I study at the 10th form of the secondary school. My parents often ask me what I want to be when I grow or which profession I fancy. My answer is always the same. I want to be a writer. They are not happy with my choice but that’s what I want to do in my future. My father is a lawyer and he wants me to be like him. He says I’ve got all necessary traits of character to become a good lawyer. My mother is a designer and she thinks that I’ve got good taste to become a designer too. But I have always wanted to be a writer. As far as I remember I started writing when I was only 8. I wrote my first short poem then. When I was 10, our class teacher set us a special homework for summertime. We had to keep a summer diary and write in it what happened every day. Not everybody in the class was happy with this assignment. However, I really liked it. My diary was full of interesting events and it was chosen to be the best in the class. It was the time when I understood that I want to be a writer. After that summer I wrote many other diaries about my school life, my family and friends, my travels and picnics. At the moment I write articles for our school newspaper. Sometimes teachers ask me to write a poem or a script for school performances and my schoolmates ask me to help them with essays. People say I have an interesting style of writing and I don’t want to lose it. That’s why I think that I should be a writer. After graduating from school I’m going to study at the philological faculty of the local university. I’m sure higher education will be useful for me. There are also a lot of engaging workshops for writers. I’d like to attend one of them someday.

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